Carol O'Donoghue (left) and Molly Weingrod (right) trained simultaneously with Nancy Bardacke (www.mindfulbirthing.org), creator of MBCP, in 2015. Mindful Birth and Parenting Philadelphia was born in January, 2016. They happily share their beloved neighborhood of Mt. Airy, and are thrilled to be bringing MBCP to Philadelphia together.


Carol O'Donoghue, CNM, MSN, MPH, is a midwife in Philadelphia.  Her start as a birth worker included practice as a doula in a birth center and international work in women's health,  followed by study and practice in nursing, public health and ultimately, midwifery.  Carol has been a family nurse practitioner since 1997, and a nurse-midwife since 2002.

Carol attended her first yoga class in 1994, and her first Insight (mindfulness) Meditation class in 1995.   Carol's yoga practice is rooted in the Iyengar tradition under her primary teacher, Peentz Dubble.  Her meditation practice started at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center (Cambridge, MA) and has included retreats at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA and the Insight Meditation Center of Washington.  She has twice completed the 8-week Mindful-Based Stress Reduction course.  Both mindfulness meditation and mindful movement have provided strength, solace and wisdom as she has navigated the world of parenting, birth and, well...life! 

Carol was introduced to MBCP via her sister Liz, who took Nancy Bardacke's class at the UCSF Osher Center in San Francisco, prior to her first delivery.  The power of the this mindfulness training during Liz's birth and parenting moved her to tirelessly lobby Carol to investigate teaching MBCP.  Meeting Nancy in 2014 and completing her MBCP teacher training has been a remarkable gift.   

Carol is grateful to practice the art of midwifery in an urban, academic teaching hospital in Philadelphia, where she serves a diverse group of women and families.  She is also a clinical instructor and on faculty at Penn's Schools of Medicine and Nursing.  She lives with her most important mindfulness teachers--her two teenage children--and her husband in Northwest Philadelphia.

Molly Weingrod has been working with children and families for over a decade, formerly in New York City, and now in Philadelphia, wearing a variety of hats. She has a background in education and whole foods nutrition, as well as birth. She is a doula (DONA), childbirth educator (CEA/MNY), and birth counselor (certified by psychologist Gayle Peterson). 

Molly was inspired to work with birthing families after her own first birth, which by all external accounts went well, but which left her feeling internally traumatized. While she was "well prepared" having read many books and taken classes, she found herself ill-prepared for the transformative power of that experience. This mismatch led her on a journey toward becoming a birth professional, supporting parents through education and counsel.

Upon discovering MBCP, however, Molly found a model that includes information, education and counsel, but goes far beyond. Cultivating a mindfulness practice allows space to develop skills that support people in both contractions during birth, and contractions during life. 

Molly's professional hats are mainly worn at home at the moment, as she is a homeschooling mom of four young kids. However, she is grateful that living with 4 young people offers her many daily opportunities to practice mindfulness!