Reflections from participants

Read about our students who have been featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer as part of their column entitled "The Parent Trip."  Read the first here and the second here and the third here.  Enjoy!

"The MBCP class was my first introduction to mindfulness-based anything. It brought me in slow and steady and has helped me more calmly approach aspects of my life and of my child."

"Birth is unpredictable. The greatest gift that the MBCP class gave to me and my husband (and new daughter!) was NOT tools to have a medication-free, pain-free labor, but the emotional tools necessary to make difficult decisions in the heat of the moment to make sure my daughter and I made it through labor and delivery safely. I can't recommend this class enough."

"After MBCP, at my birth I was able to be in the moment, bear down and go through the motions. One moment at a time, doing my best! To communicate clearly, take my time, not judge and go with the flow. Everyone was surprised at how well I was coping."

"MCBP is the perfect childbirth class for anyone who thinks they don't need a childbirth class! I wasn't really fearful of birth because I figured I knew the general mechanics of how birth worked and my body would figure out the rest at the time - and I was right about that - but mindfulness helped me in so many ways. First, it helped me live my life more mindfully, pregnant or not. Second, I found that for all the fear I didn't have about birth while I was pregnant, actually doing it was pretty scary at some points and having the tools to deal with that was indispensable. Third, it has helped me relate to my baby in ways I don't think I would have without the class. I'd recommend it to anyone!"

"Since starting the MBCP class I am better able to deal with things as they are now.  In terms of my pregnancy, I have been able to accept the aches and pains that come along with greater ease.  I view them as temporary and they don't impact me emotionally as much.  At work, I have been able to be more present.  Instead of stressing about the things I have to do, I am able to be in one place in body/mind.  I am able to accept things as they are and view family stressors as a temporary stress rather than be weighted down by thinking about the future.  My partner and I are able to more freely and easily express emotions as they arise."

"As a midwife expecting our first baby, I was worried about my ability to turn my midwife brain off in labor. This class gave me the confidence to feel like I can approach labor with more of a sense of calmness, and the willingness to accept whatever comes, rather than trying to control anything. The book, CD, and classes all complemented each other. Carol and Molly were a great team, and worked really well together. I highly recommend this class - it was great for both my partner and me."

"Being mindful has really been useful in what is really my first experience with any baby, not just mine. When she would cry at first it was so stressful. I just wanted her to be happy and/or comfortable and something was wrong! But a few weeks in I tried to be more mindful about how my baby relates to the world and to me, and stopped taking it so personally. I re-framed how I responded to her cries instead of reacting. I really don't know if I would have had the tools to do that without the exposure to mindfulness that the class provided."




Photo credit: Zivar Amrami

"I went into the mindfulness-based birthing classes not knowing what to expect. I was looking for tools to use during natural labor. Also change in general is usually very hard for me and creates a lot of anxiety. I was blown away by the scope and breadth in which incorporating mindfulness into my everyday life would increase my sense of calm and peace, not only around the birthing process but also around the big changes to come. The ease at which I have found this transition into motherhood completely surprised me. Without a daily meditation practice, I highly doubt it would have been so smooth. I absolutely loved this class and recommend it to all expecting mothers."  

"Molly and Carol--you are wonderful. We miss you already! Thank you so much for being so present with us. I can't think of two people better suited to teach this course. I appreciated your listening, transparency, availability, and support."

"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking for a greater perspective on the process of parenting than the standard nuts and bolts class. I'm so glad my wife and I took this one!"

"The MBCP class was a wonderful journey that opened up my eyes to many aspects of childbirth and parenting. I would highly recommend this curriculum to anyone that is pregnant! It helped my partner and I to talk/think about subjects that we may not have otherwise and made me realize how many wonderful and like-minded people are out there."

"The calming, reassuring, and confident attitudes of [Molly & Carol] made a potentially very scary time a little bit easier!"