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Parenting is a deep form of mindfulness practice, and our best mindfulness teachers are our children.

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mindfulness for parents

Contractions aren't just for labor and birth! 

Contractions - moments of tightness / challenge / stress / knotted-up-ness - are a fact of life. Often there are many in our lives as parents as we deal with crying babies, screaming toddlers, fighting siblings, anxious kids, sulking teenagers, or even floundering young adults. This makes parenthood sound like so much fun, doesn't it? We all know there is another side to each of those coins, of course. But can we be in the moments that make up our lives? Can we feel them? Can we live into them more fully?

Mindfulness practice invites us to sink into all the moments of our lives, to find ease and presence no matter the weather, and to ride the inevitable waves of our lives as they move up and down with varying speed and intensity. 

This year we are holding a weekly ONLINE PRACTICE SPACE meant to be as accommodating as possible to busy family lives! Practice from the comfort of your home! Put your baby to sleep while meditating! Or yourself :) Reconnect with your practice! Learn some mindfulness-based parenting hacks. Connect with others who are applying the practice to their parenting lives. Specifically geared towards parents, these sessions are short, to the point, and include guided meditation, inquiry, and reflection around practice application in real life.

Join us if you'd like to explore mindfulness, jumpstart a regular practice, restart a previously held practice, or if you're interested in developing skills for dealing with the contractions of life as a parent, and a person, with comrades. You can keep yourself on mute the whole time, or use the space to connect with others. This is a flexible space; come as you are.

This class is for parents with kids of any age, can be taken alone or with a partner, and is the most accessible thing we’ve imagined yet! While we hope people will join for all sessions, we know parents’ lives aren’t always predictable. A commitment to practicing mindfulness each day is a great way to reap the benefits of practice, but all you need to bring to this space is a willingness to just be.

Schedule is here.